The end of the season is nigh and it will soon be time to celebrate the past 9 months, and recognise the progress, achievements and hard work of all involved with the Club. The Presentation Day will start at 2pm on Saturday 16th May, and this year there will be a selection of side attractions to entertain and occupy everyone. We are hoping that the weather will be favourable and are encouraging people to bring a picnic, but don’t worry; we will still have the BBQ on the go. Once everyone has soaked up the sun (stay positive), enjoyed a few games, had a bit of food and drink, the trophy presentation will commence. We plan to start the presentation around 4.30pm to have everything wrapped up by 6pm, so you still have the rest of the evening free. We look forward to seeing you all there, and the proud families with their cameras poised, but with all the coaches being models, they are used to it!


I am aware that all the teams have had a successful season, and it would be unfair to steal their thunder before the presentation, so I will leave it for them to inform you of their proud achievements. However, there is a pending Cup Final for the Centurions (under 11’s), on Sunday May 10th at Navenby (KO time currently unknown) so if you would like to come and cheer them on, I know that they would be pleased to see and hear you!


The Club has decided to use part of the presentation day to conduct the AGM. This will give you all the opportunity to hear about the whole Club and ask any questions. It is also the time to decide the officials for the next season, so if anyone would like to be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer……., I know one or two people who wouldn’t mind!

The AGM is also an important part of our Charter Standard status, to show that the Club is run well on and off the pitch.


What’s he going on about next season for, this one hasn’t finished! Managing/Coaching a team is hard enough without all the paperwork, but admin is part of it. Therefore, to make it easier we have found that getting that completed as soon as possible makes it better for all involved. Managers will have membership forms on the day, we have also attached one if you would like to fill in and bring along.

The Club have decided to keep the Membership fees the same, therefore, it will be £30 for under 8’s and below, and £50 for the season for under 9’s and above.


Darron Talton


© Ancaster Athletic FC 2013